Assessing Your Case To Create A Plan

After a car accident, you probably have many concerns about your future and how to handle the situation. Many of my clients do not know their legal options or whether they can even seek compensation. I can answer any questions you have.

I am attorney Larry Hicks, and I have over 30 years of experience in Kenton County assessing accident cases and guiding clients through the process of filing a personal injury claim. I can discuss your situation and what you can expect as we move forward.

The Resources And Answers You Need

I understand that every accident is different. Your circumstances, your injuries and how the accident happened are unique from other cases. That is why I approach each case by gathering as much information as possible. I have databases available to compare past personal injury settlements with your situation. From there, I can work for the best possible outcome for you.

My concern is maximizing your reward. Too often, insurance companies offer settlements far lower than victims deserve. I use my background and knowledge to fight for just compensation after an accident. I will analyze the full amount you deserve and do what it takes to reach that outcome.

Consult A Skilled Lawyer About Your Case

I have resources readily available to aid your case. I take time to understand your concerns, and I want the outcome that is best for you. To set up a free initial consultation, contact me online or call 859-479-2786. I am located in Edgewood and work with clients in the Cincinnati metro area, in Kenton County, and throughout Northern Kentucky and North Central Kentucky. Spanish translation available upon request.